Who We Are and Our Approach

Our Approach is Patient Centered, Integrated, Holistic and Intelligent, Because Today’s Patients Deserve More.


Patient Centered Therapy Is Our Aim:

Renew Physical Therapy’s approach is integrated, holistic, intelligent and patient centered. Our main goal is to awaken your “Inner Healer”. We will provide and teach the patient effective healing tools and exercises so that you can reach goals quickly. We are patient centered and the patient leads the way in their treatments. At Renew PT the patient is the star and our focus is on your needs. We listen deeply to your goals and concerns. Your treatment plan is assessed at each visit so that it remains targeted. We make changes depending on the patient’s feedback and focus on the tools that are giving the patient pain relief and fast results.

Our focus is on patient care. As a team we have weekly Grand Rounds meetings to discuss our patients progress. This is unusual in today’s health care environment. During our Grand Rounds meetings we review each patient to make sure they are succeeding in their therapies. We actually want you to get better faster and focus on intelligent healthcare that provides results. Our approach is refreshing and limits your expenditure and out-of-pocket expense. We teach you how to care for yourself.

Unlike other physical therapy centers we see our patients 1 time per week. Of course, if your condition is acute you may have to come in more often in the beginning. You also have one-on-one time with your physical therapist. We believe that the patient is able to take responsibility for their own healing if taught the right tools, manual techniques and exercises. We don’t hold back on our therapy; we cover many aspects of other integrative therapies so you don’t have to see many other outside practitioners. We are a one-stop healing center and when appropriate we will refer out. We know all our referral sources personally and do not refer out to friends, but we refer out to highly skill practitioners.

Your time with your therapist is one-on–one. You will receive written instructions on your self-care exercises and manual therapies. We are extremely patient centered and on your first visit you will receive a personalized handbook created just for you. It is important to note that we don’t use aides or assistants. All your sessions are conducted in a private spa-like room so the focus is entirely on you. We do not put our patients into a big gym area. We find that type of therapy to be distracting, not only for the patients but for the physical therapist as well. We want you to have a private healing experience that you can feel safe in.

Mind-Body Therapies Are Our Specialties

We treat the mind and the body. We understand that for healing to successful occur, not only does physical body need to be addressed, but also on the spiritual, emotional and psychological bodies as well.

We believe that patients truly heal when the emotional, physical and spiritual components of the condition are addressed. Our team consist of therapist specialized in Reiki therapy, Cranial sacral therapy, spiritual healing and sound healing. With these exceptional modalities we are able to dress the psycho-spiritual causes of your condition and take your healing journey to a higher and more successful level.

Our team is also highly skilled and trained in the areas of manual therapy, exercises prescription, visceral manipulation and pelvic floor rehabilitation. We are primarily manual physiotherapists who integrate hands-on techniques with intelligent exercises, that when combined with mind-body therapies produce profound, pain-relieving and long-term results.

All of our therapists are also well versed in other areas such as yoga, Pilates, reiki, and orthopedics. With highly trained physical therapists like ours, improvements in the quality of life of our patients improves dramatically can be witnesses in our video testimonials.

We Treat Conditions Often Overlooked By Traditional Physical Therapy

We treat many conditions that have been overlooked by traditional physical therapy. Our focus on women’s pelvic health, men’s pelvic health, scar therapy, pregnant women and post-partum women recovering from childbirth. We believe that our focus helps women and men overcome conditions that are not frequently spoken about in society. These conditions include sexual pain, incontinence, symphysis pubic dysfunction, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, perineal tears, caesarian scars, prostatitis and anal or rectal pain. If you suffer from any of these conditions do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will help you to get back on your feet and you don’t have to suffer alone.

Call 1-877-RENEWPT today or or contact us and get a free screening to determine if we are the right place for you.

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Meet the Clinical Team

Elizabeth Isa Herrera, physical therapy for pelvic pain, new york, ending female pain, pain relief for vulvodynia, dyspaurenia, prenatal and postpartum physical therapy

Elizabeth Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS – Clinical Director, Certified Maya Abdominal Massage Specialist, Reiki Medicine Practitioner

Isa’s unique & fresh approach to rehabilitation is the foundation at the Renew Physical Therapy Center. After years working in standard care facilities, Isa’s vision of whole person healing establishes Renew PT as an oasis of superior care in the heart of NYC. Isa is the driving force behind the healing center’s unique programs, like “The Renew Program for Women”, bringing a refreshingly complete approach to therapy, focused on pain reduction, patient education, and long term results. Why I love working at Renew Physical Therapy – Being at Renew PT propels me forward and enables me to give the best possible care for my patients.


physical therapy for pelvic pain, new york, ending female pain, pain relief for vulvodynia, dyspaurenia, prenatal and postpartum physical therapy

Dr. Serena Bruckman, DPT – Urogynecological Physical Therapist

Known as the “Pelvic Intuitive” Serena has the gift of getting to the bottom of what’s really contributing to the patient’s pelvic floor problems. Serena is able to treat a wide variety of pelvic patients including those suffering with vulvodynia, vaginismus, dyspareunia and incontinence. Serena has the unique gift to be able to simultaneously address orthopedic and pelvic symptoms with manual therapy, trigger point release, visceral manipulation and intelligent targeted exercises. Serena is best known for multi-planar problem solving and working with men and women who have had failed pelvic therapy at other clinics.

Serena’s investigative skills are so keen that she can address multiple medical drivers at the same time, connecting the dots. This ensures long lasting results and pain relief for her patients. Serena’s background in training Olympic athletes and patients with traumatic brain injuries allows her to work with all types of patients from high level athletes to new moms to chronic pain patients with ease and poise. She is a compassionate healer who uses active listening as powerful investigative tool. Her hands speak for themselves and can transform the most stubborn and injured tissues into a pain-free state within several sessions. Serena has taken multiple continuing education classes, making her treatments specific and effective. To be in Serena’s presence is like being with an old trusted friend who understands deeply your troubles and will stop at nothing to get you the help need to so you overcome your pain. Why I love working at Renew Physical Therapy – At Renew PT I am constantly challenged to be the best for my patients so I can help them get on the right track.

Dr Moshe Dekel delivers ThermiVa treatments for vaginal rejuvination at renew Physical Therapy in New York City

Moshe Dekel, MD – Holistic, Board Certified GYN

Dr. Moshe Dekel is the only holistic, board certified GYN in the tri-state area. A pioneer in natural therapies for female conditions and in private practice for over 40 years. Dr. Dekell has an impressive resume that includes Chief of Gynecological Surgery at the Long Island Surgi-Center, and Medical Director of the Long Island Birthing Center.

Dr. Dekel is a pioneer in Age Management Medicine has a deep understanding of female gynecology and the special needs of women as they go through their lifespans. Dr. Dekell stopped performing surgeries and deliveries in 2000 and has focused his efforts on helping women achieve better health using functional medicine, bio-identical hormones, nutritional counseling and nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Dekel is an expert in Breast Thermography and now has expanded his practice to helping women with vaginal laxity, prolapse, stress incontinence, overactive bladder and orgasm dysfunction. He is excited to be working with the Thermiva Radiofrequency for Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening. Thermiva offers women a safe alternative to Labioplasty, Bladder Lifts/Mesh and vaginal tightening surgeries. Thermiva is safe, effective and natural solution.

Meet the Operations Team


Rosie Pineda – Patient Happiness Lead

Rosie brings an unparalleled attention to detail to the Renew PT front office team, along with an infectious smile. Her expertise in all of the nuances of today’s insurance billing landscape will allow you to focus on getting better while she helps take care of the insurance for you. Why I love working at Renew Physical Therapy – Renew PT is a great place to work because we maintain focus on every patient’s experience individually to help them to achieve long-term results.



David O

David Ondrick – Technology Director, Sound Healing, Reiki Medicine Practitioner

David’s expertise in workflow technology and media production comes from having spent countless hours implementing technology and cutting-edge marketing campaigns for NBC Olympics and GE. He has since branched out for Renew PT and draws from his many decades long music background to do Sound Healing and Reiki at the center. Why I love working at Renew Physical Therapy – I have the unique opportunity to work towards creating an experience that allows the therapist to focus more on the patient’s well-being, while using seamless background technology to enhance the healing process and communication with doctors.


Our Approach

Physical Therapy in Brooklyn and New York is not the same everywhere you go. Isa Herrera and the team at Renew Physical Therapy are caring and compassionate and are the best at what they do. The programs being offered by Renew PT’s licensed physical therapists range from Bodyworks Orthopedics™ pain relief to Maternal Body Strength™ Pre-Natal and Post-Partum Program. Among the best physical therapists New York has to offer, you’ll find unique services, unavailable at other facilities, such as Pelvienne Pain™ and Scar Therapy Program, XY Health™ Program and Maya Abdominal Massage. If you are looking to relieve pain or improve the quality of your life, we trust you will find the best therapists in New York right here. It is unlike any other facility that treats these types of conditions, highlighted by our caring staff, revolutionary pain relief procedures, and the ML830 laser. Our expert approach in relieving pain is unique and based upon mind, body, and spirit approach. We are manual physiotherapists who integrate hands-on techniques with intelligent exercises, that combined produce profound, pain-relieving results. The improvement in the quality of life of our patients can be witnesses in our video testimonials. Call today and get a free screening to determine if we are the right place for you.