Vaginal Steam

V-Steams for Your Lady Parts- The Best Kept Sexy Beauty Secret of Indigenous Cultures.


Renew Physical Therapy has opened their Pelvic Spa Healing Room where V-Steams are now available. Vaginal steam baths, or “bajos” as they are known in Spanish to the Maya or “chai-yok” as they are known in Korea is an ancient remedy for enhancement of female pelvic and uterine health. Think of this luxurious modality as a facial for your lady parts. Vaginal Steams are natural and non-invasive; it’s just steam and natural herbs rising into your vagina.

V-Steams have many associated health benefits for today’s goddess. V-Steams increase circulation to the pelvic floor muscles, uterus, and vulvar skin area. The heat from the V-Steams can also boost circulation; this increased blood flow brings more oxygen and health to the pelvic region. V-steams are also regularly used to soften scars associated with childbirth or pelvic surgeries, in the perineum. In many cultures women steam regularly after their monthly cycles as a form of uterine cleansing. V-Steams can also improve fertility and can be used in conjunction with fertility treatments.

Here’s How V-Steams Work

While pampered in one of our soft, organic bath robes, you relax (sans underclothes on our comfortable specially created chair) as the steamy mixture of brewing herbs rises up into your vagina; warming and soothing everything in it’s path.

How Long Do V-Steams Take?

Our V-steams take 30 to 45 minutes in our beautiful and serene private room. During the treatment you may choose to read, listen to music or meditate.


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Renew Organic Standard V-Steams

Renew Signature V-Steam:
For women who want to connect to “their inner goddess”. A pampering, nurturing and relaxing steam for your “down there area”.

Renew Post-Partum Rejuvenator V-Steam:
For women who had a baby and want to regenerate themselves. This v-steam focuses on rejuvenating and revitalizing your reproductive organs and female tissues. Helps to speed healing of reproductive system after birth. Must be at least six weeks post-partum. For better results combine with pelvic floor physical therapy.

Renew Menstrual Cramp Reliever V-Steam:
For women who have pain with their monthly cycles. This steam helps to reduce menstrual pain and discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles. It is recommended that you do this steam before and after your monthly cycle for 3 months and then one time a month before cycle. For best results used in combination with Maya Abdominal Massage and Reproductive Visceral Manipulation

Renew Fertility V-Steam:
For women who are trying to get pregnant or are interested in preserving their fertility. This V-steam increases blood flow and circulation to your reproductive organs thereby enhancing fertility. It is recommended that you do this v-steam 24-48 hours before retrieval or transfer. For natural pregnancy cycles this steam should be performed before ovulation. For best results used in combination with Maya Abdominal Massage and Reproductive Visceral Manipulation.

Renew Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxer V-Steam:
For women who suffer from pelvic floor muscle spasms and or sexual pain. Aids in reducing tension and spasms in the pelvic floor muscles. Combine this v-steam with internal vaginal massage for even better results.


Renew Organic Specialty V-Steams:

Availability and pricing based on obtainability of herbs.

Renew Yeast Buster V-Steam:
For women who suffer from yeast infections and burning. Helps to combat chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and maintain healthy odor.

Renew Post-Partum Toning & Lifting V-Steam:
For women who have an organ prolapse and want to tone their organs from the inside out. This v-steam helps to tone and lift the reproductive organs. Combined this v –steam with pelvic floor physical therapy and see amazing results.

Renew “Goddesses Never Age” V-Steam:
In honor Dr Christiane Northrup’s new book “Goddesses Never Age”, Isa has created a custom V-Steam for Peri-Menopause and Menopause symptoms. For women who are going into Peri-Menopause or are in the next phase Menopause and want to keep their inner goddess alive and well, this is the steam for you, relieving symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause and revitalizing the female tissues. Helps to maintain radiance, vitality and well-being. Dr. Northrup recently interviewed Isa Herrera for her Hay House radio show as well about Isa’s groundbreaking book Ending Female Pain.

Renew Libido V-Steam:
For women looking to boost their sexual energy. An energetic steam that aids in increasing blood flow and circulation enhancing chi thereby improving sexual response and sexual vigor.

Renew Vulvar-Vestibulitis V-Steam:
For women who suffer from Vestibulities (Vestibulodynia) and have inflamed red vulvar tissues and tight pelvic floor muscles. This specialty V-steam helps to reduce inflammation of the vulvar-vaginal tissues while relaxing pelvic floor muscles. Combined this V–steam with pelvic floor physical therapy and see amazing results.

Renew Scar Tissue Release V-Steam:
For women who’ve experienced perineal tears or episiotomy and would like to soften the scar tissue. This V-steam is best used in combination with internal vaginal physical therapy.

Renew Custom Blends:
These steams are based on individual needs that are not covered under our specialty blends.

More Info on V-Steams:

The Divine Feminine Moon Circle Group V-Steam:

We offer customized small group V-Steam packages. Invite your friends for a truly unique experience. Bond with your friends with food, tea, and conversation as you honor your unique divine feminine energy. Call to inquire.

Enhanced Pelvic Power: V-Steam Plus Physical Therapy Evaluation

V-Steam and physical therapy evaluation: Sign up for a pelvic floor physical therapy evaluation with your V-Steam to enhance your Kegel program for pelvic power.

Enhanced Fertility: V-Steam Plus Maya Abdominal Massage

V-Steam and Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage: Come in for an Abdominal Maya Massage with your V-Steam to enhance blood flow and chi to your uterine area. Also great to help align the uterus for increased fertility. Renew PT’s Maya massage is unique; since it is performed by a physical therapist it also includes external and internal visceral manipulation. We like to call it a “super charged” Maya massage.

Precautions to V-Steams:

Although there are no negative side effects to V-Steams, they should not performed during pregnancy or during the menstrual cycle. Women with IUDs should also NOT do V-Steams. V-Steams are also not reccommended during active vaginal infection, open wounds, sores, or blisters. Also If you have genital piercings, take them out, the heat will cause the piercing to overheat.

What they are Saying about V-Steam Spa Therapy:


“The vaginal steam was incredibly therapeutic. From the soft lighting and music to the freshly brewed tea, Renew PT leaves no detail overlooked in creating a sacred space that is conducive to relaxing the pelvic floor and allowing it to fully absorb all of the healing properties of the herbs. I could feel my body and mind surrendering to the restorative treatment and left feeling rejuvenated, soothed, and one step closer to a full recovery.” …M.B.

“I felt like a love goddess sitting on a throne while pampering people made sure I was perfectly comfortable. The soothing music lead me to move inward, meditate and feel as if my whole body was absorbing the warm steam and healing all the traumatic injuries to my female organs. What a sensation.” …Janine C.

“The warmth of the steam heated up my vaginal muscles. I felt so relaxed I lost track of time. I read magazines and books. For the first time in a long time I did something for me. I also noticed 2 to 3 days later that I had more cervical mucus and it was clear and more slippery. V-Steams are a boost for Fertility for sure.” …I.O.


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