Written Testimonials

“Isa is a credit to her profession! She is knowledgeable, patient and willing to adjust the therapy for specific problems. She explains the therapy and makes sure I am competent to continue her directions at home. I was extremely satisfied with the method and the manner of the treatments.”

Joan M, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Patient, NYC

“Having just graduated from the Physical Therapy program (10 sessions) I would highly recommend going to Renew. I went to numerous other doctors and specialists, some of whom told me that I needed surgery, and would have to learn to live with the pain. Instead, I came to Renew. Not only am I fully healed, I have been able to have pain free sex for the first time in almost a year. Because of the pain, I had given up my job. With mounting medical bills, I didn’t know how I’d pay for the physical therapy. Again, the amazing staff at Renew showed me that they really cared about everyone who walked through their door. They offered me a great payment plan that worked for me. I was able to get my treatments without stressing. Isa, my amazing physical therapist Rachel, and the entire team made me feel like i wasnt just a name in an appointment book. Thank you Renew for giving me hope, encouragement and the tools to stay healthy.”

Chaya M, Pelvic Pain Patient

“I send my patients to Renew Physical Therapy because I get results.”

Dr. Jacques Moritz, MD Columbus Circle OB-GYN

“GAME CHANGER. I’ve been to Renew PT after both of my pregnancies (2 C-Sections), and I KNOW the care I received made a world of difference in my recovery. Starting as early as possible was essential in helping my healing process. Not only did they treat my scar to where it’s hardly recognizable, but also helped me to build confidence in my mind-body-spirit. With their support, I am in the process of both being an active new mom and reclaiming my womanhood. I have felt embraced and supported by everyone from the front desk to the therapists.”

MT H., Brooklyn, NY, Pre-Natal, Post-Partum Patient

“I am in the mid stages of menopause and was recommended to Renew by my Gynecologist. I can say that coming to Renew has changed my life. The therapists were knowable about menopause and the physical challenges that I am facing. My 2 therapists gave me treatments, exercises to practice at home, and gentle assuring that I will overcome my pain. I am so pleased and wish other women going through menopause and its challenges would come to Renew. Everyone, the front desk staff, the therapists are caring and gentle, the treatment is very modern and the treatment rooms are inviting, soft music plays as you are being treated, and aromatherapy oils lightly scent the rooms. I can’t say enough how coming here has changed my life. I once thought menopause meant the end of intimacy for me. I know, with the therapy that I have been receiving at Renew, that it is not. I highly recommend this wonderful treatment center.”

N. P. New York, NY, Pelvic Pain Patient

“Renew Physical Therapy is like Heaven. I worked with them for over a year and a half regarding a pelvic disorder. I had been to different gynecologists and specialists for 10 years and no one was able to diagnose or treat me until I visited RPT. During my initial appointment Luz was able to sit with me and hear my story. She was very patient and compassionate which made me feel very comfortable as a female since I had been to so many places that did not make me feel comfortable with explaining my symptoms. She came up with a treatment plan and for that year I got to work with her, Rachel and Whitney to recover from my condition. The facility is very sanitary and most of all tranquil. The staff are also very nice, friendly and respectful to each and every patient. The office is also accomodating with their schedule as they have early morning appointments or evening appointments which was another plus. Although they did not accept my insurance, they made things affordable for me with their payment plan so that I can continue my treatment. I do not think I would have been able to get through the treatments without the physical therapists at RPT and I would strongly recommend them to anyone suffering from pelvic pain.”

Ebony J., Brooklyn, NY, Pelvic Pain Patient

“I highly recommend Renew PT. They helped me recover from an array of post-natal issues. Everyone is incredibly supportive. They worked with my insurance and made the process very easy.”

Michelle M., Brooklyn, NY, Post-Partum Patient

“I cannot say enough good things about the front office at Renew Physical Therapy. This office is a 5 star stellar place. Not only did they file all my insurance claims but they also fought for me when my insurance company denied me physical therapy visits. The front office is great and compassionate. In particular Betsy had my insurance company over turn my denial. With the extra insurance visits and the wonderful and attentive physical therapy care I got from the therapist I am now cured of condition. The therapist also give you a lot of homework so you can take care of yourself. Go to Renew today. They will change your life and also take care of your insurance issues.”

Ma C., Washington, DC, Pelvic Pain Patient

“This place is amazing. Not only they’re experts in pelvic area and tailbone rehabilitation, they also care your mind/body as a whole. I know because I came to RenewPT after I delivered both of my kids who are four years apart.

As a first time mom four years ago, I didn’t expect/know what would come next after I gave birth. I read all the baby books and attended Lamaze classes, etc. I thought I was well prepared. After the baby was delivered, I thought all the hard work was done and all I need to do was to take care of the baby. Little did I know I injured my tailbone during delivery and could barely move. I couldn’t walk, get out of bed, sit… Nothing!! Luckily my mother was there and she would hand me the baby to breastfeed. Beside the necessary doctor appointments, I was bed bound for over a month. I knew something was wrong but all the doctors thought that’s normal to be in pain and gave me more pain medicines. I was so depressed because I felt like no one really understood what I went through. At my six weeks check up, my OBgyn finally understood the amount of pain I went through so he referred me to Renew. Thank you God!! After a quick phone conversation, Isa adjusted her schedule and took me in the next day. After seeing her for a few sessions, I was able to do some basic things like sitting, getting in/out of a car, standing. Because of the severity of my tailbone injury, it took me awhile (like 4-5 months) to get back to 80% better. But knowing that someone understood what I was going through and was able to help me to get better, my depression was getting better as well.

With my second pregnancy, knowing that my tailbone was previously injured, I tried different position to labor. Although the injury was less sever, I still had lots of pain after the delivery. Instead of waiting after my 6 weeks post partum check up, I called Renew PT as soon as I was discharged from the hospital. Isa graciously took me in and immediately worked on my tailbone. She used a combination of laser, manual manipulation, massages and also gave me “homework” to exercise at home. Within a few sessions, I was feeling much better. I’m 12 weeks post partum now and I can say I’m 90% there. I know she’s not a magician so it’ll probably takes sometime before I’ll be 100% back. But I never expect I’m where I am in just 12 weeks. I’m forever grateful of all Isa did for me and my family.”

Veronica K., New York, NY, Pre-Natal, Post-Partum Patient

“I trust the women at Renew with my life! Their compassionate, loving nature has helped me in unimaginable ways, and I can say with conviction that I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for their healing guidance. If you are a woman suffering from chronic pelvic pain, there is hope!! It just takes time, patience, and Renew Physical Therapy.”

Rebecca D., New York, NY, Pelvic Pain Patient
“I honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about Renew!!! I was in a state of desperation when I heard about Isa, her book and Renew. Following some bad experiences with medications, and doctors, I was having sever vaginal pain and frequent urination — no one could tell me what was going on or was able to help. I initially went to renew for a 3-day intensive late summer 2012 and Isa and Rachel immediately made me feel that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and that I COULD get better! Their kindness, understanding, sympathy and true caring made all the difference in the world. I’ve been seeing Rachel regularly, although with less and less frequency as I am feeling so much better. Rachel continues to give me great advice, and I have complete faith in her — I know she truly cares about me and wants me to be 100% back to my old self. I would highly, highly recommend Renew to anyone with pelvic floor issues — it is a wonderful place with wonderful, caring and knowledgeable staff. They’re the best!”

Kathleen B., Swarthmore, PA, Pelvic Pain Patient

“I came to this group several months ago with complaints of a chronic pelvic pain. Since then my condition significantly improved and I feel much better. They also helped me with my knee and neck pain. People at ‘Renew’ are not only very professional. They are also warm, patient and kind!!! THANK YOU . ‘RENEW ‘, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!”

Irina L., Brooklyn, NY, Pelvic Pain Patient
“Solange’s knowledge and dedication were really helpful in my recovery at Renew PT.”

Alain Martinez, Shoulder Patient

“I’m back to running again!!!”

John Wilson, Ankle & Achilles Tendon Patient, NYC

“I just finished working with Isa – so personable and full of great ideas. can’t belive more people don’t know about this treatment, it makes such a difference in one’s life!”

Molly, Pre-Natal Patient, NYC

“The therapists at renew are FABULOUS. Thanks again for saving my sex life!”

Juliet Eastland, Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation Patient

“Solange was incredibly supportive and responded well to the changing needs of my body. Very positive and caring overall.”

Christine D’Aleo, Pelvic Pain Patient, NYC

“Isa & Renew PT helped me a great deal in improving my pelvic floor strength. The coaching & exercises were specifically geared towards my specific problems & life style needs. Highly recommended!”

Colleen Cuddy, Post-Partum Patient, NYC

“After the second session the pain disappeared! Down to a grade 1 pain level.”

Maria Cabardo, Lower Back Pain Patient, Jersey City, NJ

“The therapists and front office are all amazing & so friendly. Isa is great will highly recommend her to everyone she is so thorough and really spends time with you!”

Jill Libretto Pre-Natal Pain Patient NYC

“The front office is most welcoming & efficient. I am please to report significant improvement since I started working with Isa a few weeks ago
I have regained much rectal and urinary control.”

Joan S. Beir, Pelvic Floor Patient, NYC

“Just to let you know that the PT here in Renew was extremely helpful to me. I am walking with balance now.”

Fatima Taylor, Lower Extremity Patient

“I found the therapists at Renew PT to be the most meticulous…as a consequence,the results of doing the therapy and exercises you prescribed produced very fast improvement.”

Saunders M, Knee Patient

“My experience at Renew-Physical Therapy was WONDERFUL. My pelvic pain virtually disappeared within months after their therapy and care. I highly recommend this group.”

Steve C. Pelvic Pain Patient

“I would definitely recommend Renew Physical Therapy to anyone. They are great therapists who look at their patients as individuals and work with them to solve their problems”

Cornia N. from NYC

“Renew’s therapists are skilled, friendly and are concerned for your well being.”

Joe M. From Queens

“Renew helped get rid of my pain when they evaluated my work area and corrected what was wrong.”

John A. From NYC

“Go to Renew Physical Therapy – They will improve your life. Being pain-free is wonderful.”

Carol From NYC

“The combination treatment of Laser Therapy and exercise reduced my pain to zero. Before receiving their treatments I could not work, I could not type, and I could not even wash my hair. Thank you for helping me get my life back!”

Magda Colon , Bi-Lateral Tennis Elbow Patient

“My hip bursitis left me in a lot of pain. After 5 sessions at Renew-PT with a combination of exercise and Cold Laser, I am now in a pain-free state. The therapists at Renew PT are the best!”

Rosie Gelb, Bursitis & IT Tendonitis Patient

“The clinicians at Renew Physical Therapy have been incredibly compassionate, at a time when I needed it the most. Their expert care empowered me to take control of my body and because of their care I am healed today.”

Irene, Pelvic-Pain Patient