Ending Pain in Pregnancy


Trade secrets from the front lines of pelvic floor physical therapy. Designed for patients and practitioners alike.

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This is not just another pregnancy book. Ending Pain In Pregnancy is the best collection of trade secrets from the front lines of physical therapy, all in a self-help format that will turn you into a warrior when it comes to relieving discomfort, remaining active and strong, and preparing for labor and delivery. Having successfully treated over 5,000 pregnant women, Isa Herrera and her amazing team have compiled this resource that is sure to be the go-to book for moms-to-be and practitioners alike.

Ending Pain In Pregnancy, by Isa Herrera, is the first comprehensive book to give women and practitioners the tools and trade secrets to treat and prevent the pains that can occur during and after pregnancy.

As a physiotherapist and trainer treating pregnant women for two decades, Ms. Herrera found that many physical therapists and especially patients did not have the tools to relieve common pregnancy-related conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, incontinence, pubic bone and pelvic pain. Ending Pain In Pregnancy shares Herrera’s Renew Program for WomenTM, her trade secrets and easy-to-learn self-healing and pain-relieving tools. These include core exercises, self-massage, exercise and pelvic muscle training, which will improve your quality of life during pregnancy and prepare women for delivery and motherhood.

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