S.T.A.R. Program™ – Scar Therapy at Renew for Perineal, Cesarean and Abdominal Scars

Renew PT Scar Program For C-Section, Episiotomy and Pelvic Scars

Scar Therapy at Renew (S.T.A.R.) Program™- European Healthcare For American Women™

C-Section, episiotomy, laproscopic Scar Therapy at Renew Physical Therapy, New York, NY

Scars are a natural part of all healing processes. In addition to the visible scar on the surface, fibrous bands of tissue called adhesions can develop from caesarian births, perineal tears, myomectomy surgeries, laparosopic surgeries and endometriosis. Scar tissue and adhesions are a normal process post surgery, and can also be a by-product of injury to a tissue or body part where inflammation and swelling has occurred. These bands of scar tissue that form between any two adjacent surfaces inside the body cause the surfaces to stick together and can create myriad of symptoms in your body. Normally as the body moves, tissue and organs also move around each other. All body parts are made to glide, roll, slide and or shift around each other. This internal motion is inherent to all organs, and is called either motility or mobility and it is necessary for proper function. Adhesions can cause two surfaces in the body to stick together, restricting not only movement but also causing many other problems and symptoms to occur.

Oftentimes adhesions don’t cause any symptoms or pain and many men and women may not even know that they have them. However in some men and women scar adhesions can lead to pelvic pain, abdominal pain, sexual pain, infertility, poor organ function, limited movement, incontinence and muscle weakness. Adhesions can also cause mal-alignment of the organs by twisting, and pulling them out of place. Adhesions and scar tissue can also decrease organ movement and can also create postural problems leading to back and or neck pain. The problems listed above can result slowly because over time adhesions become tighter and tighter, denser and more restrictive. Sometimes adhesions can also cause abdominal bloating, constipation, and severe abdominal cramps.

SCAR-003At our healing center we understand the importance of taking care of adhesions before they become problematic. We believe that all men and women who have undergone surgical procedures or have scar tissue in the abdominal area or pelvic floor should come in for our S.T.A.R. Therapy Program™. Women who have had perineal tears of the pelvic floor muscles during childbirth are also encouraged to come in for our specialized scar therapy. Women who have undergone Caesarian births, perineal tears, or episiotomies can benefit from our program because very little follow up care is given to these new moms and we find that many of these moms can have scar pain up to one year or more after giving birth. We have also published a great case study that details our scar therapy program success with a patient who experienced a 4th degree perineal tear and resulting scar.


Our Treatment Protocols for Scars:

Our unique program can treat any scar from any injury or surgery, including scars like this one from spinal surgeries

Our unique program can treat any scar from any injury or surgery, including scars like this one from spinal surgeries

Scar tissue therapy is generally overlooked by health professionals because the physiological effects scars can have on the body have never really been acknowledged or are often overlooked by health care providers. At Renew we know the importance of proper scar therapy. We believe in this therapy so much that we have developed a special program just for the treatment of scars. Our specialized program is called the S.T.A.R. (Scar Therapy At Renew) and it’s tailored to reduce pain, increase motion, improve fertility promote better organ and sexual function.

Our S.T.A.R. Scar Program unites the mind and body. S.T.A.R. therapy can incorporate internal and external scar massage, myofascial scar release techniques, trigger point release, manual therapy, abdominal rolling and connective tissue release. Beside our hands on therapy we believe in rebuilding the core/abdominal and affected muscles and to it’s fullest potential.

We also use cold laser therapy to reduce scar tissue and keloiding of the scars. Cold laser therapy has been shown to increase the healing of scars while reducing scar pain. When appropriate we also use aromatherapy that is specific to scars. More info on the cold laser…
We believe you should come in as soon as possible after any surgery. We will speak to your doctor and or send your caregiver a evaluation report making sure that your therapy is approved by your medical team. Come in today for an appointment.

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