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Pelvienne Pain Program™

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While female pain is often caused as a result of having children, there are a host of conditions that exist which cause extreme pain and discomfort but have nothing to do with having a baby. The Pelvienne Pain Program™ offers solutions for women who are needlessly suffering from conditions like dyspareunia (painful intercourse), vulvodynia, lichen schlerosis, interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, post-surgical scar pain, and pelvic floor muscle spasms and triggerpoints.

There is some overlap in this program to the post partum Maternal Body Strength Program™, but overall this great protocol is designed to provide relief, empowerment, and hope to the many women in our community who suffer needlessly, often visiting many doctors only to hear things like “the pain is in your head there’s nothing clinically wrong. Our expert staff will work with you to do the detective work with you, helping you to identify behaviors and daily routines that may be unknowingly contributing to your pain. They also utilize great tools like Biofeedback and cold laser therapy to customize your program and bring you fast relief.

pelvienne-painWe encourage the team approach here at Renew Physical therapy, and we will work closely with your MD and any other family members like boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or significant other in order to build a strong support team around you as we help you overcome your condition.

Whether you have just undergone a painful abdominal surgery such as a hysterectomy or myectomy, or fibroid laproscopic procedure, or you are suffering from painful intercourse, interstitial cystitis, or irritable bowel syndrome, our trained clinicians will help give you back hope and put on the road to recovery.


– Enjoy a pain-free intercourse
– Tolerate gynecological visits
– Sit for long periods of time
– Reduce burning sensations
– Release painful muscle spasms
– Learn long-term strategies

Common Female Pain Conditions We Help You Overcome

– Vulvodynia
– Dysparenuia
– Interstitial cystitis
– Vestibulodynia
– Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
– Vaginismus
– Chronic pelvic pain
– Pelvic floor muscle weakness
– Scar pain from c-section or episiotomy
– Scar pain from hysterectomy, myectomy
– Endometriosis
– Fibroids
– Lichen schlerosis
– Pudendal nerve entrapement
– Pudendal nueralgia
– Bladder pain
– Urgency & frequency of urination

TENS Unit For Natural Pain Relief
Our expert clinicians can provide you with a TENS unit to help you relieve pain throughout the day. this device is normally able to be covered by insurance and is small enough to be used discreetly during the course of your day.

Cold Laser Therapy

FDA Approved Cold Laser Therapy – Cold Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT, has become an integral part of our patent pending Pelvienne Pain treatment protocol. The characteristics of the laser energy are a perfect compliment for our hands-on, triggerpoint, myofascial, manual therapy and muscle energy techniques. For more information on cold laser therapy at Renew PT, click here.

Biofeedback Technology

Biofeedback technology is a great tool to help determine how your pelvic floor muscles are working, or often times, not working together. Since the pelvic floor muscle group is often hard for patients to visualize, the Biofeedback allows the patient to see and then feel when the muscles are relaxing and contracting in harmany. Once you can see and feel it at your session, you will be able to repeat the exercise at home. For more information on how Biofeedback technology used at Renew PT, click here.

Dilators and Internal Pelvic Floor Muscle Release

During the course of your treatment, it may become necessary to do internal pelvic floor muscle release techniques to maximize your benefits. If you are not comfortable with this type of treatment, simply let your caregiver know and we can utilize other proven techniques to get you results. If you are comfortable, your clinician will show you how to do your own internal dilator work as well, because you must be empowered to take control of your condition. If you are menstruating, you should still come in for your session, as there are always techniques to do externally as well.


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