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Osteocise Program™- Building Stronger Bones and Maintaining Balance

OSTEOCISE-WEBThe Osteocise™ program consists of a detailed medical screening, strength training, endurance training, balance training, coordination training and lectures pertaining to the latest osteoporosis research and nutritional information. The purpose of the program is to educate participants about the benefits of exercise, about fall preventive tactics for the home, how to increase and maintain bone density levels via exercise and lastly how to improve overall body strength to prevent osteoporotic fractures. The Osteocise™  program is designed to teach the osteoporosis patient safe and effective exercise regimen that they can do in their home, gym or office. It promotes independence and follow up visits are scheduled on a monthly basis to update, change exercise regimens and discuss problems if any with the graduates of the program.

The Osteocise™  therapy program begins with a detailed health and medical history performed by our certified physical therapists. The participant must supply information such as medications being taken, blood analysis results, blood pressure information and bone density results along with level of osteoporosis and history of fractures if any. Physician’s approval is mandatory to participate in the Osteocise™  therapy program. The participant’s physician with a referral note must supply limitations and concerns. Along with the health history there is an initial fitness assessment performed.

The Osteocise™  strength training program takes into consideration the special needs of the osteoporosis patient. It is safe, effective and designed to increase and maintain bone density levels. Exercises are based on pain levels and bone mineral density results. The strength training program will also improve lower and upper body strength and postural awareness.

The Osteocise™ cardiovascular program are monitored closely and improvements have seen are decreased cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure and resting heart rates.

The Osteocise™  program consists of balance and coordination training resulting in decrease rates of falls. The Osteocise™  flexibility program enhances the range of motion of joints and we have seen a decrease in muscloskeletal injuries and osteoporatic fractures.

Our lectures are mandatory and will educate the participants of the Osteocise™   program on the benefits of exercise for someone with osteoporosis, lectures will also cover the latest research on osteoporosis and how to properly execute different exercises, how to safe guard their homes to prevent falls, healthy eating and calcium and exercises to avoid.

At the End of the program the participants are re-evaluated.

Oteocise™  participant’s learn how to execute their individual exercise workouts and feel more in control over their everyday functional activities.

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