Maternal Body Strength™ Prenatal and Post Partum Physical Therapy

Prenatal and Post Partum Physical Therapy at Renew PT in New York

Maternal Body Strength™ Prenatal & Postpartum Physical Therapy Program- European Healthcare For American Women™

Pregnancy, childbirth, and child care are all events that can result in significant physical changes to a woman’s body, often creating new stresses. Effective and safe prenatal and postpartum physical therapy interventions are available from Renew PT to both treat and often prevent these conditions.

Our Maternal Body Strength prenatal physical therapy program involves a total woman approach where a detailed evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles and musculoskeletal system is performed within the first visit. From this information we create a program that is just for you.

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If You Don’t Have Babysitting For Your Newborn, Don’t Worry

Bring your newborn in for your session and use one of our many baby seats and vibrating chairs. We also have a mommy lounge for breastfeeding and diaper changing.


Our Specialized Prenatal and Postpartum physical Therapy Care Includes These Benefits, Tools, and Techniques

Perineal Massage top

We will teach you how to safely perform perineal massage of the pelvic floor muscles. Perineal massage during pregnancy is a great way to prepare the perineum for childbirth making the area more supple and flexible and less prone to injury during labor. For pregnant women we show you and your partner how to prepare your perineum for labor and delivery with our perineal massage techniques.

Abdominal Strengthening top

We test you for Diastasis Recti Abdominal separation which is common during pregnancy and we show you the appropriate correctives abdominal exercises that you can do during pregnancy to keep your abdominal fit and strong. We believe that the strong abdominals are helpful during the pushing part of labor and delivery and can be used to help push the baby out. We also teach other abdominal exercises so you can keep them strong as your baby grows.

Pelvic Power top

We are experts in teaching both Kegels and Reverse Kegels creating a pelvic healing program that starts early in your pregnancy. For your pelvic power program we will use a combination of biofeedback and external pelvic floor techniques to ensure that you are working the muscles down there correctly. You will have your own pelvic power program because we do not use a cookie cutter approach in our treatment programs.

Learn How to Avoid Injury During Labor and Deliverytop

We will recommend certain labor positions that are appropriate for you body type and pain. We are in close communication with your doctor or midwife to ensure a successful birthing experience. Your labor positions are chosen carefully to ensure a speedy recovery and to avoid obstetrical trauma and an exacerbation of your pain.

Natural Childbirth Pain-Relief- TENS UNIT Instructiontop

Want to have a medicated free labor and thinking about going natural. Come in for a visit and we will show you how to use the T.E.N.S. Unit during labor to decrease pain naturally. This modality is frequently used by European women for pain relief during childbirth and for post-partum pain. WE will show show your doula, midwife and partner how to use the unit so they can help you during your labor.
Check our classes & workshops for more info about TENS.

Pelvic Alignment top

We believe in keeping your pelvis aligned by using joint mobilizations and muscle energy techniques. Having an aligned pelvis minimizes low back pain, hip pain, pubic pain and other lower extremity issues. Having an aligned pelvis also creates an easier passage for your baby and our alignment techniques will also keep you pain-free. The great news is that we will teach you how to correct your own pelvis.

Partner Tools top

We would to see your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other as part of your treatment program. It is always helpful to get everyone on the same page and we will teach your partner basic techniques to relieve your symptoms for the times you are not with us.

Empowerment Healthcaretop

We are strong believers in empowerment healthcare which involves teaching you the tools that you need so you can perform your healing program at home on your time.

Exercise While You Work Programtop

For those pregnant women with demanding jobs we show you office stretches, office abdominal exercises and proper ergonomics to ensure that you can do your healing exercises while at your job. Don’t let your 9 to 5 get in the way of your pregnancy or healing program. Let us show you how to really double task so you can do your job while keeping your body in stellar ship during your pregnancy.

Cold Laser Therapy – State of the Art Technologytop

FDA Approved Cold Laser Therapy – Cold, Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT, is a clinically proven non-surgical treatment for common conditions experienced by women during pregnancy and after birth.

For pre-natal patients, cold laser therapy is a bio-stimualtor that enhances the body’s natural healing process by decreasing inflammation, improving nerve function and increasing endorphin production, relieving pain without medications.

In the post-partum period, LLLT helps to relieve pain from perineal tears, C-Section, & episiotomy. It also stimulates collagen synthesis, preventing keloid, or raised scars. For more information on cold laser therapy at Renew PT, click here.

Biofeedback – State of the Art Technologytop

For pre-natal patients, the Biofeedback technology is a great tool to help determine which labor positions are optimal for pelvic floor muscle relaxation. We also use Biofeedback to teach women how to release and relax the pelvic floor muscles for labor and delivery.

For post-natal women, Biofeedback is an effective and painless method for treatment of pelvic-floor muscle (PFM) dysfunction, such as all types of incontinence, organ prolapse, and pelvic pain conditions like dyspaurenia (pain with intercourse) and vulvodynia. For more information on Biofeedback technology used at Renew PT, click here

Common Pre-Natal Conditions Treatedtop

– Lower Back Pain
– Sciatica
– Upper Back and Neck Pain
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Heel & Foot Pain
– Piriformis Syndrome
– Pubic Symphisis Pain
– Diastisis recti
– Tendonitis / Bursitis


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