Femphysique Program™ for Incontinence and Prolapse


Femphysique Program™- European Healthcare For American Women™

Our Femphysique Program™ is designed for women recovering from childbirth and for women who are suffering from perineal tears, caesarian scars, leaking, pelvic pressure, prolapse, abdominal weakness and pain.

This program involves a total woman approach, with a detailed evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles, scar and or painful body part. We do this at your first visit so your healing journey starts right away when you become a patient of our program.

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If You Don’t Have Babysitting For Your Newborn, Don’t Worry

Bring your newborn in for your session and use one of our many baby seats and vibrating chairs. We also have a mommy lounge for breastfeeding and diaper changing.


Your Femphysique Program™ Can Include the Following:


Perineal Scar Healing and Post-Partum Pain Healing


As part of the Femphysique Program™, you will be instructed on how to heal any childbirth scar using perineal massage and internal and external scar techniques. A pelvic healing program will be individualized to meet your needs and goals leading to a fast recovery.

Caesarian Scar Therapy


For women who have their children via caesarian birth we offer our S.T.A.R. (Scar Therapy at Renew PT) program. We help you restore your core using effective and targeted abdominal exercises while showing you how to massage your scar safely.

Pelvic Power and Sexual Healing


The pelvic healing program will consist of both kegels and Reverse kegels with internal manipulation, external biofeedback or internal biofeedback. Our pelvic program will also help you stop leaking, have better orgasms, decrease symptoms related to prolapse and help you regain tone in the vaginal pelvic muscles after childbirth.

Self-Care Tools


Many times you will need different tools, in addition to exercise, in order to be successful in your healing program. These tools may include post-partum belts, sacroiliac belts and/or belly bands. We also have specialized perineal tools that can be used at home to heal perineal scars. These tools include dilators and crystal wands, and they are part of our perineal re-education program. You will be taught exactly how, when and where to use these tools on the perineum, in order to ensure your success without hurting the scars. During pregnancy, we show you and your partner how to prepare your perineum for labor and delivery with our perineal massage techniques.

Pelvic Alignment


We believe in keeping your pelvis aligned by using joint mobilizations and muscle energy techniques. Having an aligned pelvis minimizes low back pain, hip pain, pubic pain and other lower extremity issues. Having an aligned pelvis also creates an easier passage for your baby and our alignment techniques will also keep you pain-free. The great news is that we will teach you how to correct your own pelvis.

Abdominal Strengthening and Diastasis Recti Abdominal Correction


We know that keeping the abdominal area toned and strong can be difficult for new moms, pregnant women or women in the work force. In our program we help you get your body back to the way it was. We do this by teaching you appropriate abdominal core strengthening and abdominal correcting exercises. There is an art to this work and we have perfected it here at Renew Physical Therapy.

We will test you for Diastasis Recti Abdominis separation and will teach you how to do specific abdominal massage to close up the gap in your abdominal muscles. Closing this gap is the first step in getting your body back and to developing a good looking mid-section. We make the abdominal program work for you so that you are not spending hours a day exercising. We believe in targeted exercises and do not overload you with too many exercises simply to keep you busy. We understand how busy life is with a baby and a demanding job so we make your Femphysique program fit into your life.

Click Here for a FREE download from Renew PT that will help you do a self-assessment for Diastasis Recti separation. The FREE handout also includes a basic correction to help you lay a strong foundation.

Body Mechanics


Our amazing program involves showing you proper body mechanics that are essential for a new mother. We will show you how to lift the baby and how to move your body safely while taking care of your child. These tools are extremely important because we find many women hurt their backs and abdominal muscles by performing incorrect body movements. For those women with demanding jobs we show you office stretches, office abdominal exercises and proper ergonomics to ensure that you can do your healing exercises while at your job.



We are strong believers in “empowerment healthcare”, which involves teaching you the strategies that you need in order to perform your own healing program at home.

We believe that every woman can get their body back when given intelligent and tailored exercises and that’s exactly what we do here. Come and see us today to start your healing program and your journey to a healthier, stronger and more powerful you.

Overall Benefits of Femphysiqu Program


– Enjoy a pain-free pregnancy
– Maintain an active lifestyle
– Bond with your partner
– Learn birthing and labor strategies
– Prepare your mind for labor and delivery
– Feel more connected to your baby
– Regain control of your pelvic floor after birth
– Run and exercise without leaking after birth

Common Conditions We Treat with The Femphysique Program

– Cystocele
– Rectocele
– Prolapse
– Perineal Scar
– Episiotomy Scar
– Caesarian Section Scar
– Urge Incontinence
– Diastisis Recti
– Pelvic Pressure
– Dyspaurenia (Painful Intercourse)
– Stress Incontinence
– Fecal Incontinence

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