Out of Town Patients

Not in New York? Come and Experience Our Week Long Boot-Camp Intensive


The primary focus of The Renew PT out-of-town boot camp intensive program is designed to provide patients who do not have access to pelvic floor physical therapy with our expert and compassionate care. Our out of town intensive patients will be seen by one of our expert pelvic floor physical therapist for evaluation and treatment, but will have the benefit of the expertise of the entire team. We typically see patients anywhere from two to three sessions a day and prescribe homework that needs to be done in the evenings. Our program is intense, effective and a journey that puts you on the path to a pain-free life.

Our program not only brings pain relief but also focuses on teaching you the tools, techniques and exercises you need to succeed on your own when you get home. We truly believe in partnership healthcare and strive to teach you the tools that you need to succeed in your healing journey. We are here for you and will answer and show you all the things you need to know to succeed.

All of our out-of-town patients will receive when appropriate complimentary services that can include vaginal steams, sound healing therapy, PEFM therapy and or Laser therapy. We believe that some men and women need more and these services provide services that help to bring pain relief quickly and effectively.

As part of your boot camp intensive we will also create an individualized and custom book detailing the exercises, techniques and tools that you will bring home with you. Your personalized book and exercise program is a guiding light that will help you maintain the pain relieving results that you achieve with us while here. Many of our out-of-town patients feel pain relief for the first time in their lives and are happy to know that they can finally help themselves in attaining and more importantly maintaining pain-free life style.

Our mission is to awaken the healer within you so that you can be empowered to continue on your healing path with clarity and understanding of the tools, techniques and exercises. Examples of some of the tools and exercises you will learn include: relaxation techniques, internal/external myofascial trigger point release, connective tissue mobilization, visceral manipulation, stretches, strengthening exercises, yoga and Pilates.

We take the stress out of traveling by helping you get a hotel room and we have a list of recommended places to eat. We try to reduce financial stress as well by doing our best to maximize your health insurance. Typically health insurance will pay for at least one visit a day but this all depends on your health insurance coverage. Call us to speak to our expert front office and we will get you started on your healing journey.