Low-Level Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy Reduces Pain and Helps Your Body Heal Itself

State-of-the-Art Online Course – Low Level Laser for Female Pelvic Floor Conditions

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At Renew Physical Therapy we have been pioneering the use of Low Level Laser Therapy in conjunction with pelvic floor conditions since 2005. For the last 8 years, Isa Herrera has developed effective pelvic pain protocols using LLLT for a variety of conditions like vulvodynia, Caesarian scar pain, dyspareunia, and bladder pain. Isa is proud to announce her new state-of-the-art online, CEU approved course – Low Level Laser Therapy for Female Pelvic Floor Conditions”

Low Level Laser Therapy is an exciting and extremely effective modality used to treat a wide range of conditions such as tendonitis, nerve conditions, muscle pain, sprains, migraines, trigger points, and post-surgical scars. At Renew PT our patients are reporting quicker recoveries and less pain after being treated by Low Level Laser Therapy. Unlike other laser products on the market, ML830 laser is FDA approved and this technology has been researched and used in Europe and Japan for the last 30 years. ML830 Laser is a bio-stimulator that helps the body heal itself, sending its photon energy to injured tissue accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It helps the body heal itself.

Laser therapy helps to decrease pain and inflammation, improve nerve function, prevents keloids in scars and improves blood circulation to the tissues. It is a Class 3 laser device that produces no heat, and does not cut, coagulate or vaporize any tissue. “Because there are no adverse effects, Low Level Laser Therapy can be used on sensitive tissues throughout the body, on post-surgical patients who have plates and pins, on pregnant women, directly on the spine, and on painful scars,” says Herrera. “We successfully treat orthopedic and pelvic pain patients using the laser,” Herrera added. Isa’’s clinical expertise and years of clinical use has lead to her unique treatment protocol called “The Herrera LLLT Protocol for Female Pelvic Pain Conditions”. Her unique work with the laser has led Microlight’s CEO Michael Barbour to invite Ms. Herrera to join his renowned Microlight Laser medical advisory board as the leading expert in pelvic pain.” I am excited to have been asked to join the advisory board for a product that I truly believe works for many types of conditions,” Herrera said. For additional information, research articles, and a demo of the laser, please email info[at]renewpt.com or call us at 212-213-4660.

Renew PT’s Own Laser Case Study Research Published in Practical Pain Management Journal