Guided Biofeedback Helps Physical Therapists at The Renew Center Improve Results


Urinary incontinence among men and women can have a serious impact on a person’s quality of life, making them socially reclusive, contributing to depression and other health problems. Statistics show that upwards of 50% of all women and many men who have undergone prostadectomy surgery will suffer from some form of leaking. At the Renew Physical Therapy Center, we use biofeedback technology to enhance continence, and to help patients who suffer from pelvic pain conditions such as vulvodynia, vestibulitis, prostatitis, penile pain, dyspareunia, endometriosis, and vaginismus. Biofeedback helps to isolate hard to visualize muscles such as those found in the pelvic floor, and also helps motivate the patient by visually displaying muscle activity and progress.

To maximum results for our patients, our therapists use this technology at the same time the patients are performing RenewPT’s custom exercise protocols. “We get immediate feedback and can track results from session to session,” says Rachel Schneiderman, Associate Clinical Director. “When used appropriately, this amazing technology is helping our patients get quicker results, returning them to their lives with less pain and renewed hope,” adds Schneiderman. As part of a comprehensive treatment program, which can also include Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage and manual therapy, biofeedback plays a key role. For additional information or research article about biofeedbck technology, please email info[at] or call us at