Healing Programs / Expert Physiotherapy and Innovative Treatments

Renew Program for Women™ for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The Renew Program For Women™ consists of a comprehensive series of treatments for all stages of a woman’s life as it relates to the pelvic floor and related conditions. The protocols are designed to teach you how to reduce your pelvic pain, scar pain, or symptoms of incontinence, with the ultimate goal to teach you how to manage your condition and become the heroine of your own story. These treatments are safe, effective, and backed up by solid evidence based research.

XY Health for Men™

The XY Health Program for Men is a one-of-a-kind physical therapy treatment program for male pelvic pain and incontinence related conditions. These conditions are often seldom talked about in the community, but are nonetheless more prevalent than most people realize.

BodyWorks Orthopedics™

BodyWorks is a total person approach for the treatment of orthopedic problems and pre/post-surgical conditions. Our dedicated staff will help you to reduce your pain, improve function, and most of all, empower you with the tools you need to maintain your results for the long term. Whether you are are a weekend warrior, marathon runner, professional athelete, or just someone who wants to play with your kids again without pain, The Bodyworks Orthopedic Program will help you achieve your goals.

Advanced Technology

At Renew Physical Therapy we are constantly evaluating and adopting the latest advanced technology that helps to enhance your healing experience. This section highlights some of the great technologies we have implemented that to help speed up your pain relief, rebalance your nervous system, and help you establish more kinesthetic awareness.

Out of Town Patients

Come to NYC and our experience our Boot Camp Intensive. You will learn all the necessary tools to start your healing journey and then maintain your results when you get back home.

Our services are designed to get you the results you desire, a return to a pain-free and active lifestyle. With the help of our talented staff, you CAN achieve your goals, even if you have been unsuccessful in the past with physical therapy.

Our services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*. While we cannot guarantee that you will eliminate all pain, we do guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the level of service you receive while under our care.

* No patient refunds for payments received from insurance companies.