Free PDF Download: Basic Stretches for the Relief of Pelvic Pain

Free Info For Patients to Stretch Pelvic Floor Muscles

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Free- Basic Stretches for Pelvic Pain

PDF Sample – Basic Hip Opening Exercises For the Release of Pelvic-Hip Pain, by Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS

These stretches help release tension, reduce spasm and decrease pain frequently found in the pelvic floor & hip muscles of those suffering from chronic pelvic pain conditions.

These stretches are an exerpt from my upcoming book called “Female Pain – A Woman’s Manual – The Real Deal to Pain Free Sex.”

Remember to stretch correctly, keeping the following in mind:
1- Never bounce while holding these stretches.
2- Get into and out of these stretches slowly and mindully.
3- Always try to perform slow diaphragmatic relaxation while holding the stretch.
4- Hold each strtch for 30 seeconds, working up slowly to 1 minute as your body gets

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