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PDF Sample – Strong Abdominals For Pregnant Women and New Moms

During pregnancy and after labor maintaining strong abdominal muscles is of utmost importance. Strong abdominal muscles during pregnancy support the growing uterus, prevent low back pain, improve posture and most importantly help in the pushing part of labor. During the post-partum period exercising the abdominal muscles correctly will get you back to shape sooner, improve your posture and also relieve or prevent back pains.

Many pregnant women and new mothers know that it’s crucial to maintain a strong abdominal musculature, yet are confused about which abdominal exercises are the safest and the most effective for them. Having a basic knowledge of anatomy and knowing how to execute certain exercises correctly will alleviate confusion and clear the way to strong abdominal muscles.

Diastasis Recti separation can be made bigger by performing abdominal exercises incorrectly, bearing down and holding your breath during second stage labor, lifting incorrectly, multiple pregnancies, obesity and sitting up from a horizontal position “Jack Knifing”. Recent research states that 1-2 finger separation is normal but I find that many of my patients even this small separation of 1-2 fingers have many problems. Problems associated with diastasis recti separation are…

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