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PDF Sample – Maintaining Pelvic and Bladder Health throughout Your Lifetime Is Critical

We have taken the boredom out of your basic kegel exercises and incorporated a physioball to make the workout more varied and more challenging. End result – you will gain a greater awareness of your pelvic floor muscles and stop leaking

Stability balls, also called physioballs, look like they belong on the playground, but they can be used to add variety to your workout. Physioball workouts challenge the body in a different way from free weights becasue the exercises are done on the unstable, pliable surface of the ball. Weak muscles in the body are pointed out more easily becasue physioball workouts challenge the body as a unit, making the weak areas more apparent.

We have great success at the therapy center when we incorporate the physioball into our continence training. Our patients say that performing correct kegels on the ball helps them become more aware of…

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