Common Causes of Pain

This is a basic list of some of the common causes of pain in the human body. By understanding some of these root causes of pain in your body, you can take the first step towards treating your condition and getting back to a pain-free lifestyle. At Renew Physical Therapy, we have a program that can help you overcome any of the root cause body imbalances listed below. More to come in this section…

Low Back Pain
– Poor ergonomics
– Improper Lifting Techniques
– Weak andominal core
– Tight hip muscles
– Foot imbalances
– Herniated / Bulging discs
– Scoliosis
– Nerve irritations
– Poor postural alignment of lumbar spine
– Bad workout habits at the gym

Pelvic Pain
– Trauma to pelvic nerves when giving birth
– Yeast infections – Vulvar dermatoses
– Genital herpes
– Pelvic floor muscle spasms
– Pelvic floor muscle triggerpoints
– Trauma to the pelvic muscles during birth
– Referred pain from the back
– Injury from nerves that innervate the vulva
– High oxalates in the urine
– Vaginal atrophy secondary in menopause due to lack of estrogen
– Organ prolapse
– Bactrial vaginosis
– Fibroids
– Straining with defecation and urination

Upper Body Pain
– Forward head syndrome
– Weak rotator cuffs
– Weak mid muscles & shoulder blades
– Rounded shoulders
– Tight chest muscles
– Cervical facet
– Nerve impingement
– repetetivemotion
– Forearm triggerpoints
– Hand weakness

Lower Body / Foot & Ankle Pain
– Bad shoes
– Hypomobility
– Tight achilles tendon
– Tight IT band muscle
– Heel spurs
– Hammer toes
– Bunions
– Patella (Kneecap) mal-alignment
– Weak quads
– Tight hamstrings