Top 2016 Resolutions for Success

Happy New Year! I want to thank you for your loving support throughout this year.

I always end the year with a reflection of the previous year.

I personally know how difficult it is to change, adapt and to create a balanced life. 2015 proved to be one of the most difficult, transformative and exciting years of my life. I experienced death, betrayal, health challenges, and other significant losses. I also experienced big wins. I finally made one of my dreams come true, which was to create an educational portal Pelvic Pain Relief Online Course that will help even more men and women.

You might have experienced a similar year. I learned a lot and I told myself I want something different for 2016. I want a better and more balanced life. Do you want a better life in 2016? The question I posed to myself was “how could I have a better 2016?” So I took all my learnings from 2015 and made my top 20 resolutions for 2016.

I want to share my resolutions with you because once I integrated these experiences into the latter part of 2015 I felt the high of hopefulness and things started to get better. I got out of my own way. Our experiences are our most profound teachers. We need to shed light on them and then figure out the teachings. Once we figure it out, we must make the appropriate changes so history doesn’t repeat itself.

isa herrera top 20 resolutions for 2016

Top 2016 Resolutions For Success
1. Love more and often
2. Focus on positivity
3. Let it roll off your back
4. Stay in the moment
5. Forgive everyone
6. Follow your heart and intuition
7. Smile and laugh a lot
8. Respond wisely
9. Express gratitude
10. Reciprocity is key
11. Accept what is
12. Examine your thoughts
13. Take care of the earth
14. More friends
15. Love yourself
16. Do not let fear hold you back
17. Forget the regret
18. See the beauty in all things
19. Smell the roses
20. Stay focused and organized