To Kegel or to Reverse Kegel – That is The Pelvic Power Puzzle

Everyone wants pelvic power, so everyone is going Kegel crazy to find that elixir. Why the gold rush to Kegels? Because having strong muscles down there can provide you with stronger orgasms, continence, lumbar spine and hip stability, harder erections and a tighter vajayjay.

By now you are you must be thinking “I have got to do more Kegels.” But not so fast and you know why? Because Kegels might not be your path to pelvic power. You might need a different type of pelvic program to attain that power and golden elixir you are searching for. Many times we find that a Reverse Kegel is a better exercise to start with than a traditional Kegel.

What we find in our practice is that women and men are performing way too many Kegels, creating more pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, pelvic floor muscle in-coordination and pelvic floor muscle weakness. It probably sounds weird that a simple exercise like a kegel can do more harm than good, but for many of you this is just the case.

Many individuals have pelvic floor muscles that are too tight (hypertonic), too spasmodic or loaded with trigger points (knots). Men and women with the above types of pelvic floor muscles would benefit from first doing Reverse Kegels, to lengthen and relax their muscles, before initiating a Kegel exercise program. Many times doing a Reverse Kegel program first can pave the way to attaining the pelvic power elixir you desire.

If you have tried a traditional Kegel program and are still dissatisfied because your orgasms have not improved, you are still leaking urine, or you are still suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you need to ask yourself the golden question “Am I doing too many Kegels and not performing enough reverse Kegels?” For every action there is a reaction. If you can contract your pelvic floor muscles (action) but cannot fully relax them (appropriate reaction), then you need to finesse or change your pelvic program immediately to suit the needs of your pelvic floor muscles.

So the next time you decide to work your love muscles, ask yourself this question “Should I Kegel or Reverse Kegel?” In my book, Ending Female Pain, there is an entire chapter dedicated to this topic. Get this book on or call us at Renew Physical Therapy for a Pelvic Floor Muscle Evaluation and an Individual Pelvic Healing Program. We will help you demystify this puzzle so that you achieve all the pelvic power and pelvic strength that your heart desires.

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