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Vitamin D – A Dominant Key to Optimal Health

Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D has been shown to have a big epigenetic influence on the body, regulating about 2,000 human genes or roughly 10% of our genetic code. This miracle vitamin has been noted in the research to have many positive health benefits. The research shows that Vitamin D helps prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, autoimmune diseases and the common flu.

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Renew PT 2013 Better Orgasm Guide

As we begin this new year, we wanted to post some of our best techniques and information that we have found that will help you achieve and strengthen your orgasm. We all deserve to have mind expanding orgasms, so continue reading and let’s work together towards this achievable goal in 2013.

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Male Pelvic Pain – “Do men get pelvic pain too?” This is a common question and the answer is “yes”

Chronic prostatitis is the third most common urological diagnosis for men under 50 years old and the most common diagnosis in men over 50. Often times a urological evaluation reveals no bacterial cause of pain and the patient is diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (or abacterial chronic prostatitis).

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Fall Health Tips: 10 Tips for Preventing Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s)

Many of us are familiar with the severe pain of a urinary tract infection (UTI). As the season changes into fall, the team here at Renew Physical Therapy would like to share a few tips for preventing UTI’s.

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Post Partum Perineal Re-Education at Renew Physical Therapy – The Secret To Feeling Great After Your Baby is Born

What do the French know about getting their bodies back after birth that Americans do not? It’s probably not what you think.

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Eye on Pelvic Pain – 2 Quick Core Ab Exercises to Relieve Low Back Pain

Renew PT’s Eye on Pelvic Pain Series focuses in this post on easy ways to increase the strength of your abdominals, in order to take the load off your lower back. These quick abdominal core exercises can be done daily and your abs will look fabulous, and balancing out pressure on your low back and pelvic floor.

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Vaginal Steams For Your Lady Parts – with contributions from Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS

Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS and certified Arvigo Maya Massage practitioner gets interviewed in this recent Martha Stewart Whole Living article. Read more to find out how this ancient practice can be a restorative treatment for your pelvic floor.

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Internal Affairs: By Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS – From ADVANCE Magazine for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine

30 percent of women and 10 percent of men in the United States suffer from various pelvic pain conditions at some time in their lives. Pelvic pain (PP) is described as pain in your pelvic region that lasts longer than six months, in the area below your navel and between your hips, sometimes including the vulvar-vaginal and penile area.

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Top 10 Pelvic and Sexual Myths of 2012

Top 10 Pelvic and Sexual Myths of 2012 It seems that 2012 is a big year of change for everyone. Many times we get stuck in false beliefs and negative self-talk preventing us from making necessary changes.The following is the top 10 myths we hear from our patients at Renew PT and will help shed some light on just how many false beliefs are out there surrounding pelvic and sexual health issues.

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Perineal Scarring

Renew PT Research Review: Women frequently leave their 6-week post-partum appointment with the “green light” to return to sexual activity. However many soon discover that intercourse is now painful, or for some, not even possible. Common? Absolutely. Read this original published research from Renew PT’s Isa Herrera, Rachel Schneiderman, and Luz Perez

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