Prevent Low Back Pain and Looked Toned with These Abdominal Exercises

Strong abdominals take the load off your back. These abdominal core exercises are safe, can be done daily and your abs will look fabulous.


Abdominal Pumps

Getting Started: This exercise may be done in seated or laying down position. For an advanced version, try yoga breathing, or kalabati, which is also called “fire breathing.” Unlike the pump exercise, kalabati breathing is quicker and you inhale and exhale through your nose.

What to Do:

1. Keep a neutral spine as you take a full belly breath.

2. Exhale in a short breath through your mouth, letting the air out of your lungs and bringing your belly button toward the spine. Inhale and repeat. Counting out loud helps you to synchronize your abdominal pumps.

3. Repeat 25-50 squeezes. Rest, then repeat. Perform 3x daily for best results.


Toe Taps


Getting Started: Toe taps are a great and easy way to strengthen your abs safely and are a great foundation for your overall core workout.

What to Do:
1. With knees bent at a 90 degree angle, slowly lower left leg toward the floor, keeping your abdominals tight and spine in nuetral.

2. Bring left leg to the start position, then loer the right foot until your toes tap the floor

3. Repeat 25-30 times. 1-3x daily for best results