Great article about the prevalence of sexual pain and how one woman found RELIEF after treatment at Renew Physical Therapy with our dedicated team.

When sex wouldn’t stop hurting


“…After almost seven years of gritting my teeth during sex, and after consulting multiple mystified gynecologists, I was at my wit’s end. Finally, one doctor diagnosed me with vulvodynia and suggested that physical therapy might help. Having been an elite gymnast and then a dancer, I’ve seen more than my fair share of physical therapists, and I was skeptical. The pain I felt was superficial, not muscular, and I couldn’t imagine what physical therapy could do to relieve it. The physical therapists to whom I was referred, however, seemed confident they could help. Though I’d read little about it in the press, though my doctors had been confounded, and though pain during sex was something that my friends and I never talked about, it turns out that what I was going through was fairly common.

And so I started treatment, or, as my friends and I have come to refer to it, vagina therapy. It wasn’t an easy step to take. The idea that I needed physical therapy to learn how to do something that’s meant to be instinctive, even primal, was depressing. Sex, after all, is among the most basic of human urges. But the folks at the physical therapy clinic (which was recently featured on an episode of MTV’s “True Life”) assured me that I wasn’t an evolutionary failure. I just needed a little help.”
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