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Physical Therapy for Your Lady Parts


Herrera specializes in intra-vaginal massages to release tight or uncooperative muscles, and also in teaching patients and their partners to do this as home. “One out of three women has some sort of pelvic pain,” says Herrera, who is also the author of Ending Female Pain: A Woman’s Manual. However, she says, many women don’t admit it. “I’ve heard excuses like ‘it hurts unless I keep changing positions’ or ‘it hurts because my partner is so big.’ But the vagina is a wonderful thing and should be able to accommodate just about any man.” Herrera says WHPTs empower women to recognize and alleviate their physical discomfort.

Techniques vary, but Herrera says she often follows a full pelvic muscle evaluation with manual massage, including trigger-point release technique to “release knots.” Herrera stressed that although the pain may occur in the pelvic area, the most successful approaches are holistic and involve the entire body. “Pain during sex can cause enormous anxiety, which results in the tensing up of different muscles groups, from the pelvis and the legs to the neck and back.” An important aspect of treatment includes diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation techniques to help the patient deal with the anxiety as well as the pain.

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