Pelvic Pain Relief for Men Becomes Easier with the Miraculous Wand

BLOG-CRYSTAL-WANDThe wand is an S shape device that can be used to treat pelvic pain in men and women. Some of the wands vary in price anywhere from $40 to $80. The wand allows men and women to reach deep painful trigger points within the pelvic floor muscles. These types of devices can be inserted either vaginally or rectally to release these painful trigger points. Treating these trigger points is critical for many individuals and these devices are a godsend, often providing men and women with pain relief for the first time in years. At our practice, Renew Physical Therapy, we routinely show men and women how to use these types of devices.

Lately I have received no less than three different wands from some vendors who wants my opinion on it’s effectiveness. What I am finding is that they are all basically the same. They all have an S shape but vary in length, thickness and pointiness of the edge. The S shape is important because it is shaped like a long finger. I find that doing trigger point work and restoring pelvic floor muscle to a pain free state can easily be done with the finger but there are hard to reach places that a finger cannot get to. This is when an S shape wand comes in handy. The main issue that I find with using the wand is that patients sometimes press too hard into the pelvic floor muscles causing flare-ups, more spasms and more pain. The new Wise and Anderson wand, covered in a recent NY Times article entitled “A Fix for Stress-Related Pelvic Pain” looks interesting because it has a pressure gauge that allows patients to see how hard they are pressing into their pelvic floor muscles. Of course we feel that men have an innate intuition and can listen closely to their pain signals so they don’t press so hard. Teaching men to trust themselves in their bodies is as important as having a device that tells you how hard to press. In my opinion, what men really need help with is pain mapping and knowing where to press in the muscles. They also need a well-rounded exercise and restorative program that includes lifestyle changes, supplements and stress reduction techniques. Although the new David Wise and Dr. Rodney Anderson wand looks amazing, it’s price and stipulations of use can be beyond the reach of many men who simply cannot afford to spend $5,000 plus on pelvic pain treatments.

This leaves us with a quandary. What are ordinary men to do?

In our practice we teach men how to use the crystal wand intra-rectally on their pelvic floor muscles to rid themselves of pain that is promising to take their lives away. The pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) are often the pelvic pain culprits and have to be dealt with and normalized. When the PFMs are dysfunctional they can develop trigger points (tiny spasms)and refer pain to other parts of the body. The PFMs can refer pain to the testicles, shaft of penis, hips, sacroiliac joint and prostate. Symptoms from PFM dysfunction can include a feeling like there is a golf ball in the rectum, erectile dysfunction, pain with orgasm, pain with sitting, pain with urination and pain with erections. The pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) sometimes are heavily involved in prostate issues referring pain not only to the prostate but also to the testicles, shaft of penis, hips, sacroiliac joint and low back. Symptoms from PFM dysfunction can include golf in the rectum feeling, erectile dysfunction, pain with orgasm, pain with sitting, pain with urination and pain with erections.

I am such a believer in empowerment health care and self-healing that I have written a new book that puts men on the right path to their own healing. Ending Male Pelvic Pain, A Man’s Manual is the first book of its kind that teaches men trade secrets in a way that is easy to understand. The information in this book includes a section on internal and external trigger point work and provides men with strategies and exercises specifically designed for men with pelvic pain. We use these exercises and tools with our patients and we have had tremendous success.

In our week long intensive program men learn how to use the wand, dilators and fingers to get to the source of their pain but more importantly we help them to find their inner voice. This is the voice we all have inside us that tells us many things, especially when not to press so hard into your muscles. Additionally, we treat the whole person and incorporate yoga exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation strategies, strengthening exercises and restorative training for the pelvic floor muscles.

It is important for men, regardless of the wand device, to be shown how to correctly use these devices so they don’t hurt themselves. Pelvic floor Physical Therapist are experts in this kind of care and they can show you how to safely work these muscles using these types of devices.

Our week long intensive program is very affordable and many times we can get this type of physical therapy covered by health insurances. Call us today at 212-213-4660 and let us help you become the hero of your own story.