Male Pelvic Pain – “Do men get pelvic pain too?” This is a common question and the answer is “yes”

Chronic prostatitis is the third most common urological diagnosis for men under 50 years old and the most common diagnosis in men over 50. Often times a urological evaluation reveals no bacterial cause of pain and the patient is diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (or abacterial chronic prostatitis).

Symptoms of male CPPS include urinary symptoms such as pain with urination, difficulty starting urination, weak stream and urinary urgency/frequency along with moderate-to-severe pain in the pelvis, low back, perineum and/or genitalia. These symptoms are also commonly accompanied with erectile dysfunction, pain with intercourse and/or pelvic pain following intercourse or orgasm.

Men who are experiencing these symptoms should receive a thorough evaluation by their urologist to ensure proper diagnosis. Often times, no pathology can be found and the patient is believed to have symptoms stemming from dysfunctional pelvic floor muscles (the same muscles that control urination, defecation and sexual function!).

Male Pelvic Pain and Physical Therapy

Physical floor therapy has been proven to be an extremely beneficial treatment for male pelvic pain (see link below for research articles). The physical therapists at Renew Physical Therapy are all specially trained to relieve symptoms of male pelvic pain in a pain-free and efficient manner. Each client receives a treatment program tailored specifically to their symptoms, goals and lifestyle.

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