How to Avoid Injury and Pain During Intimate Relations

How to Avoid Injury and Pain During Intimate Relations

Sex is an important part of life and when things are not going right in the bedroom it can create a lot of stress, anxiety and strain for even the strongest of relationships. I am a pelvic floor physical therapist and I help women overcome pain associated with sex. A firm believer in empowerment healthcare, I never take credit for the healings. I believe that the job of a healer is to awaken the doctor within the patients so they can treat themselves. I have built my practice on this principle, and in this blog I am laying out a foundation so that you can begin working from a great reference starting point.

Sex is a physical act that can sometimes cause an exacerbation of a physical injury and/or contribute to bladder pain, vaginal pain, and bladder urgency. Many of my patients have blown out their backs in the throes of passion. Others tell me sex just doesn’t feel right and they are constantly changing positions to avoid pain. Others say that their hips and backs hurt and that their pelvic pain is sometimes exacerbated by intimate relations.

I was recently featured in Prevention Magazine on the topic of sex at any age, and I enjoyed giving the interview. The questions that Hallie Levine asked me gave me food for thought, and I decided to write this blog and shed additional light on the topic.

How can we continue to have a thriving sex life as we age and how do we deal with our medical conditions during sexual activity? I have treated thousands of women and men with pelvic floor conditions. From this experience I have come up with recommended sexual positions that are safe, prevent injury and are based on sound biomechanical principles of spinal-hip and pelvic alignment.

I selected the top orthopedic and pelvic conditions I see frequently at my center, Renew Physical Therapy, and created a table for you as a reference that you can download. Included in this table you will find a list common conditions, what sexual positions to avoid and what positions work best.

Successful Sex Positions for Medical Conditions

Download this PDF for your reference.

Enjoy my trade secret chart, Successful Sex Positions for Medical Conditions, by downloading the PDF. If you have been a patient of mine or a patient at my healing center, Renew Physical Therapy, don’t forget the tools we have shown you to minimize pain during sex or come and see us for a tune up visit. We also are offer skype telemedicine sessions as well if you are not here in NYC.