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Pelvic Pain Feature on PBS Biography

Great piece on pelvic pain featuring Isa Herrera of Renew PT

Isa Herrera MTV True Life pelvic pain New York pelvic floor physical therapy
Isa Herrera on MTV True Life

See Isa Herrera featured on MTV True Life, "I Can't Have Sex". Recently voted top 2 episodes of True Life

Isa Herrera Live on Regis

Isa has a great time with Regis and Kelly highlighting partner pregnancy exercises for the show's "Having a Baby Week"

WNBC’s Today Show

Isa makes an appearance on the WNBC Today show talking about pregnancy exercise

Isa Herrera on NBC Extra

Elizabeth Isa Herrera live on NBC Extra. Tips for strengthening arms and shoulders. Isa is the principal of Renew Physical Therapy, a holistic healing center