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Isa on Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Flourish Radio Show

Dr. Northrup interviews Isa about Ending Female Pain, calling Isa’s book “The best thing I have seen on the subject.”

Pelvic Pain Feature on PBS Biography

Great piece on pelvic pain featuring Isa Herrera of Renew PT

Isa Herrera MTV True Life pelvic pain New York pelvic floor physical therapy
Isa Herrera on MTV True Life

See Isa Herrera featured on MTV True Life, "I Can't Have Sex". Recently voted top 2 episodes of True Life

Isa Herrera Live on Regis

Isa has a great time with Regis and Kelly highlighting partner pregnancy exercises for the show's "Having a Baby Week"

WNBC’s Today Show

Isa makes an appearance on the WNBC Today show talking about pregnancy exercise

Isa Herrera on Midlife Woman Radio

Susan Bilheimer, leading author and host of Midlife Woman's Radio, in this exclusive radio interview with Isa Herrera.

It’s Your Health Radio

Ending Female Pain Featured on It's Your Health Radio. Host Lisa Davis talks to Isa about her great Ending Female Pain book and her mission.

Renew PT featured on The Green Doula blog

Renew Yourself and find Holistic Wellbeing What I really admire about Renew-PT is the center’s unique approach to women’s wellbeing. You come first. The private

Sex with Jaiya | VoiceAmerica

Sexual Healing for Women – Ending Pelvic Pain Voice of America’s leading sex education show “Sex with Jaiya” interviews Isa Herrera and Ellen Heed in

The Business of Being Born

Isa Herrera Becomes Contributing Author For Ricki Lake's Business of Being Born Blog