At Renew Physical Therapy, we take great pride in our healing services. Our typical patients are specialized cases who need and demand the absolute best care. Many have conditions which require special treatments and equipment not available in most offices, or are patients who have not been successful in other physical therapy environments. While the costs for rendering these procedures are higher, patients can expect a faster recovery with better results.

Most often our patients require:
1. Private Face-to-Face Time with the physical therapist (up to 45-60 minutes)
2. Special Biofeedback Technology for Neuromuscular Re-Education
3. Special Instruction on Movements and Exercise
4. Special Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Relief
5. Special Customized Prescriptions for Home Exercise

Our rates are comparable to the high level of services we offer, and our patients can expect long term results in less visits so the cost is typically more affordable. Costs will vary based on your condition, so call us today to speak with one our front office specialists.

To Verify Your Benefits, Call The Toll Free Number on Your Insurance Card


Download our insurance worksheet to the right and use it as an empowering tool when calling the 800 number on the back of your card.

At Renew Physical Therapy we want you to be educated consumers with a full understanding of your insurance plans.

We are sensitive to your individual needs, and our billing experts are available to work with you to get you the physical therapy treatment you need, getting you back to a pain-free state with improved function.

We offer flexible payment plans and immediate pay discounts to meet your individual needs and will file your claims electronically in
a timely, professional manner.

If you have any insurance related questions please to not hesitate to call Betsy or David, our Renew Physical Therapy billing experts at 212-213-4660.