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OMG Something Just Came Out Of Me: You Can Treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse with Physical Therapy

TREAT PROLAPSE WITH PHYSICAL THERAPY AT RENEW PT IN NYCI see it all the time. Women who are taken by surprise with organ prolapse after child birth, and hysterectomies and during menopause. Marathon runners and high level athletes are also caught by surprise when they start to feel pressure or something like a ball inside their pelvis. At our healing center we see women with this condition all time and we treat pelvic organ prolapse with physical therapy very successfully. I want to share our expertise and education with you so that you can empower yourself with knowledge and arm yourself with successful tips to fight back.

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Start Now for Sexy Summer Abdominals

Renew PT’s great new online abdominal instructional video will help you achieve your sexy summer abdominals goal in time for swim suit season, and help you relive pelvic pain symptoms in the process. Old fashion crunches will not help you achieve your sexy summer abs. Those types of abdominal exercises are outdated and not functional and do not translate to other body parts. What you need is an intelligent core program and that’s exactly what my new core video series delivers.

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What Does It Take To Heal Today? Where is the Fountain of Youth and Fountain of Health?

BLOG-WHAT-IT-TAKES-TO-HEAL-ISA-HERRERA-MEDITATE-THUMBWhen one embarks on a healing journey there will be moments on the mountain tops and there will be moments in the valleys of deep despair. I know, I have been in both places during my own journey and what I have figured out is this; how you deal with these moments of ups and downs determines whether you find yourself healed or not.

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